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Getting to Concordia Eco Resort

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as you immerse yourself in the tranquility of our isolated eco resort. Located in a pristine natural setting, Concordia offers a unique experience for those seeking a peaceful retreat amidst untouched beauty. Although the path to our eco resort may require a few extra steps, we assure you that the effort is well worth it. The seclusion and serenity you’ll find at Concordia will transport you to a world where time seems to stand still.


To reach our secluded haven, a few steps are required, ensuring that your arrival becomes part of the adventure. Upon landing at the St. Thomas airport, you’ll be greeted by the warm Caribbean breeze. From there, a short taxi ride will take you to the ferry, where you’ll embark on a scenic voyage from St. Thomas to St. John. As you sail across the crystal-clear waters, the anticipation of reaching Concordia builds.

Upon reaching St. John, another taxi or rental car will be your gateway to our resort. Follow the enchanting coastal roads, allowing Google Maps or other GPS systems to guide you effortlessly to your destination. The picturesque journey will reveal glimpses of unspoiled landscapes, lush tropical vegetation, and stunning views, setting the stage for the unparalleled experience that awaits you at Concordia.

1. Start at the St. Thomas Airport

If you have arrived to the US Virgin Islands by airplane, your journey will start at the Cyril E. King Airport (CEKA), in St. Thomas.

Parking space for the Cyril E. King Airport

2. Get a ride to the ferry

Located just steps away from the baggage claim area at the St. Thomas airport, you’ll find a convenient taxi stand complete with a dispatcher. Simply inform the dispatcher that you require transportation to the Red Hook ferry, and they will promptly assist you in arranging a driver for your journey.You can choose a private taxi ride, or you can wait to go with a group, which will save you some money. 

This article will tell you in detail how to get to St. John from St. Thomas airport: How To: St. John Ferry from the St. Thomas Airport

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3. Ride the ferry to St. John

Once you get to Red Hook, you can buy a ticket to Cruz Bay, St. John. You can get a ferry every hour, the last one departing at 11:30 PM. 

Please check the schedule and prices on the St. John ticketing website.

A beautiful cruise ship sailing on the sea

4. Get transportation to Concordia

There are multiple transportation options available for reaching Concordia Eco Resort, providing you with flexibility and choice. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can opt for a taxi ride, rent a jeep, or even consider renting a boat for a unique travel experience. Select the option that best suits your needs and allows you to make the most of your stay.

This website is dedicated to providing comprehensive information on navigating St. John, ensuring you have all the details you need to explore the island with ease: St. John Transportation Guide

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